TUI chief: Interest in buying up to 10 hotels in Greece

8 Οκτώβριος 2017 4:24 μμ

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TUI chief: Interest in buying up to 10 hotels in Greece

German tourism giant TUI announced this month that it's eyeing the purchase of 10 new hotel units in Greece, on the back of already accounting for no less than 2.5 arrivals to the country.

According to TUI group CEO Friedrich Joussen, who spoke at a press conference on Friday in the Greek capital, Europe's biggest tour operator is ready to buy 10 four- and five-star Greek hotels for its portfolio, mainly on island destinations, and possibly in the Peloponnese of southern Greece.

Greece continues to attract growing numbers of foreign holiday-makers on an annual basis, especially after the partial tourism implosion of competitors in the Mediterranean over recent years, most notably Turkey and Egypt.

A bigger emphasis on improving services offered by tourism businesses and a downward pressure on prices - in the wake of the economic crisis affecting the country - have also improved the overall image and cost-to-value appearance of Greece's tourism products.

Joussen said his group is interested in units that offer all-inclusive packages but with an emphasis on the "local (holiday) experience".


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